Arboretum launching in September

We are excited to be launching our Arboretum in September following a recent grant from the North Central Catchment Management Authority to install signage on site.  The signs will include over 20 species of native plants with a description of each, including habit, flowering and cultivation.  Stay tuned for further details.

Gorgeous echidna spotted in Elphinstone

This little guy was wandering across Diggers Way the other day, thankfully it made it to the other side!

This little guy was wandering across Diggers Way the other day, thankfully it made it to the other side!

Roadside Weeds & Pests Management Program

ELMA was recently granted funding from MASC as part of its Roadside Weeds & Pests Management Program.  Our environmental contractor, Marty Hyland, has been busy over the last couple of months targeting weeds such as blackberry and gorse in areas along Sarah Court, Saunders Court and Cyprus Drive.

An example of blackberry poisoning in Sarah Court

An example of blackberry poisoning in Sarah Court

February meeting

The first meeting of 2015 will be held on Thursday 12th February at the Elphinstone Hotel commencing at 7pm.

This will give current members the opportunity to renew their membership and to provide input about future land care activities in Elphinstone.  It’s also an opportunity for anyone thinking of becoming a member to come along and share any ideas.

What do you think are key priorities for Elphinstone in the way of land management?

Would you like to see more trees planted along Wright Street adjacent the school?

Do you think we need to be more proactive in terms of rabbit control?

Come along and have your say!  We’d love to hear your thoughts…

AGM 2014

ELMA held its AGM back in November.  The new office bearers are as follows:

Wayne Tuckerman, President (replaces Robyn Fearery)

Sue McLennan, Secretary (re-elected)

Gerard Kelly, Treasurer (re-elected)

Thanks to those who attended.  Our aim in 2015 is  besides best land care practices, is to drum up more members!

2014 AGM

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the pub on Thursday 13th November commencing at 6.30pm followed by dinner.

All welcome!

ELMA March meeting

We haven’t had a meeting for a while so this is a chance for current members to come along and renew their membership fees and to welcome new members. We will be discussing current projects, upcoming planting days and any other ideas you may wish to share. Thursday 13 March, 7pm at the Elphinstone Hotel.

2013 AGM

ELMA’s AGM was held on Thursday 27 June at the Elphinstone Community Hall.

Office Bearers voted in for 2013/14 are as follows:
Robyn Fearery – President (re-elected)
Gerard Kelly – Treasurer (replaces Bill O’Reilly)
Sue McLennan – Secretary (replaces Jill Smith)

DSE Burn off in Taradale

The DSE are planning to burn the Taradale Conservation Reserve this spring.

The reason for the burn off has been stated as ecological. This makes no sense in an

area set aside for conservation. You only have to the end of the month to state your objection.

Arboretum Planting Day and Grand Opening

On Sunday 2nd September we will be planting and tidying at the Aboretum.

Meet there at 10:30am to get everything done then we can all relax and enjoy

a catered lunch. Yes the BBQ is off come on down.

RSVP to Beth.

Ill see you there .